UFO made in NAZI

At about mid-20th century, Hitler with his Nazi Europe had been brought into the terror that reached the peak with the outbreak of World War II (1939-1945). At that time, Hitler tried to hard to master the whole of Europe and the world in any way, from the mystical to the technology. And from this came the great legends of the nazi, one of which is the legend that the nazi in some way managed to build a disc-shaped aircraft with extraordinary ability is often called a nazi ufo.

If we talk about ufo nazi, so that meant "ufo" here is a disc-shaped aircraft. We're not talking about alien spacecraft.
Note early nazi ufo World War II is the secret weapon of war. At this time, the weapons fierce successfully created. Start from the code-breaking machine until the atomic bomb. And after the end of the war, rumors circulated that the nazi has a secret weapon in the form of disc-shaped aircraft with the ability of anti-gravity and is capable of flying beyond the speed of sound.
These rumors seemed confirmed by many witnesses and reports. Later called that a Nazi did have two types of disc-shaped aircraft of the most famous, namely Haunebu series and V-7. But I need to reiterate once again that some researchers still doubt that the Nazi had managed to achieve this technology.
In early 1950, Beluzzo Giuseppe, an Italian scientist and former minister of the era of Mussolini wrote about ufo nazi in an article in Italian newspaper "Il Giornale d'Italia". He wrote that the Germans had actually studied the disk-shaped aircraft designs since 1942. In the same month with the publication of the article, a German engineer named Rudolph Schriever gave recognition to the magazine Der Spiegel that he had designed the plane was a circle with a diameter of 15 meters.
Schriever story is then poured in a book written by an author named Rudolf Lusar.
Nazi ufo - Rudolf note Lusar In the 1950s, Rudolf Lusar wrote a book called "Germany's secret weapons of world war II". Lusar was a major in the technical unit of the German military during World War II. In his book, the Lusar tells many things about the nazi secret weapon. But most attention was the chapter entitled "Wonder Weapons".
According Lusar, German aircraft designer named Rudolf Schriever and his colleagues, Habermohl, Mierth and Bellanzo, is working on a few disc-shaped aircraft during World War II. One of the plant production facility is located near Breslau, Poland. Mierth managed to create a prototype aircraft-shaped disc with a diameter of 137 meters with a hump on it that serves as a cockpit.
This aircraft is called the "jet engine power is adjusted." According Lusar again, the plane was eventually destroyed when the factory was blown up by the German troops to prevent it from falling into Soviet hands in 1945.
In the second manufacturing site outside the city of Prague, Czech Republic, another group led by Schriever and Habermohl also working on another disc-shaped aircraft. Diagrams created by Lusar shows the plane has a disc shape with an egg-shaped cockpit. The aircraft was also equipped with a propeller blade to lift it off the ground.

The aircraft was reportedly tested in 1945 and could reach a height of 12 kilometers in just 3 minutes. Called also that the plane could fly even reach a maximum speed of up to 2,000 km / h, which means faster than the speed of sound.
The claim is of course very surprising given the official records the first plane to exceed the speed of sound is American-made plane that broke the record was in 1947.
Nazi ufo - Testimony of Viktor Schauberger Of course, many researchers doubted the testimony Lusar remember almost never any evidence about Nazi secret weapons. Then, an aviation journalist named Nick Cook became interested in studying this problem and then travel to visit the locations mentioned by Lusar. Cook finally found a name that might relate to the existence of ufo nazi, namely Viktor Schauberger.
Cook visited the grandchildren Schauberger and find the records design aircraft owned by him. According to Schauberger, he was able to create a machine that has the ability to "fly to follow nature." One project under construction by Schauberger is a disc-shaped aircraft that uses a system of "vortex driving machine." The theory is, if water or air rotates round shape, which is also known as "colloidal", then when it will produce enough energy to lift an object, including aircraft.
Schauberger supposedly managed to build several models of such aircraft. One of them has a diameter of up to 15 meters. Even mentioned that one of the few models of this plane can really fly. Test try took place on February 19, 1945 and successfully reached an altitude of 45,000 feet in just 3 minutes. The aircraft is then often referred to as V-7, which is short of the Vril-7.

Schauberger also admitted that one of the prototype designs are built using forced labor from concentration camps in Mauhausen. In a note Schauberger also called the prototype aircraft was destroyed in an attempt to prevent it falling into the hands of allied forces.
After World War II ended, Schauberger moved to the United States and worked for the United States government secret project. He died in 1958.
Cook believes that the story told by Schauberger unaffected. He also concluded that Nazi technology was later taken by American and Soviet governments. Even the U.S. government went further by running "Operation Paperclip" where German scientists were secretly smuggled into the United States.
These scientists then worked for the American space projects. One of them is a German scientist named Wernher Von Braun who later worked for NASA. He is the person who created the Saturn V spacecraft that successfully landed Neil Armstrong on the moon.
Nazi ufo - myth or fact Of course, when talking about aircraft ufo nazi, people are not impressed with the round shape. But the question is whether Germany actually managed to make an anti-gravity airplane? And is it true that Germany succeeded in making a successful aircraft reached an altitude of 45,000 feet in just 3 minutes? Or whether Germany actually managed to make a plane that managed to reach the speed of sound 2 years before the U.S.?
An aeronautical engineer named Roy Fedden believe that Germans have the technology. Fedden said:

"I have seen the design and plan their production and realize that if only they could prolong the war for several months, then we will see a very different air confrontation"
Testimony was also confirmed by Captain Edward J Ruppelt of project blue book:

"When World War II ended, Germany has had some form of radical aircraft missiles and multiple controllers. The majority of the aircraft was still within the trial period, but the plane was the only aircraft that are considered capable of achieving the ability of approaching objects that observed the ufo watchers. "
Germany might actually managed to make aircraft like this. During World War II, many sightings of mysterious flying object called foo fighters reported by fighter pilots. At that time many believed that the foo fighters were secret German weapons.