UNIQUE!!:Uses of Laser pointer for footbal match!

In the first match of the AFF Suzuki Cup cup final 2010 at the Bukit Jalil stadium, Malaysia, the home team supporters was caught using a green laser beam to disrupt the concentration of the Indonesian national team game players.
The use of lasers is inviting protests of various circles, including President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. In fact, a lot of criticism directed at Malaysia.
Actually, what is a green laser?
In the market, there are currently 5 types of lasers commonly used as a pointer when doing presentations or up to other applications such as decorative lighting in the event the show. All five were laser red, yellow, green, blue, purple.
Red laser is the most common laser used for the presentation and transmitted by light waves 671 nanometers winded. Yellow laser, emitted at 593.5 nanometers has the output of 1mW (miliwatt) to about 10mW. Yellow laser manufacturing process is complex and requires a temperature stabilizer and cooling. This complicates the yellow laser is made in small-sized tool.
Just as a yellow laser, green laser manufacture are also more complex than the red laser. Green light produced is the result of an indirect process that begins with the manufacture of light with great power (generally between 100 to 300 mW). The laser beam with a wavelength of 532 nanometers can be made with different power output. But generally, a green laser with an output of 5 mW is safe to use.
Blue laser has a similar construction with a green laser. There are two diodes that are used to produce a laser that is capable of producing 450 nanometers and 405 nanometers. Versions are brighter because the 450 nanometer wavelength is closer to the peak sensitivity of human eye.
Violet lasers emit light waves of 405 nanometers winded, close to the ultraviolet in the extreme limit of human vision capability and can produce shades of blue. Lasers are commonly used in Blu-ray devices.
Laser pistol commonly used by police
Green Laser UtilizationAs quoted from Green Laser Beam, December 27, 2010, green laser pointers are generally much more light (approximately 60-fold) compared with a red laser pointer. In terms of distance, period end green laser light capable of achieving greater distance than the red laser pointer. The color green also makes light of the laser pointer can be more easily known to exist.
In the United States, green lasers commonly used by police or military. Police can use a device like a gun that uses green laser sight to interfere with the prisoners when officers entered the cell, for example, to take prisoners.
Device called a 'laser optical Distracter' it works by firing a light wave which can reach distances up to 2400 meters. When directed to a person's eyes, the light that caused temporary vision damage. He can only see light yellow, green and black.
"By firing these lights into the eyes of the victim, you can walk toward him without he can see you," says Robert Battis, Chief Executive Officer of Laser Energetics, one of the suppliers of laser devices. "However, the laser is made sufficiently safe for the eyes, is more secure than ordinary laser pointer," he said.
Although not in the form of laser pointers, in the military, green laser also has many uses. For example, to track down a sniper hiding or revealing the existence of a machine gun behind a bush.
Use of Laser HazardsAlthough laser devices that circulate generally not dangerous, but that does not mean that the laser beam does not contain the potential damage. To prevent accidental damage to the retina of the human eye, some countries have given a limit to the maximum output power of laser devices.
In England, the physician refused the laser pointer that has a power output of more than 1mW sold freely. In the United States, the laser may be used in general only a maximum laser power up to 5mW.
In Switzerland, never any case where a child buy a laser pointer 150mW power. He then fired the laser pointer into the glass and bounced into his eyes. As a result, she suffered temporary blindness in one eye and vision decreased to 60 percent in the other eye.
Although the child's vision is finally returned to nearly normal condition, the doctor says laser with 150mW power is very dangerous. He could make a hole in the paper, light matches, pop balloons and other hazards such as lead to blindness.
From the latest research, the risks faced by human eyes due to exposure to a laser which has the power to 5mW is relatively small. However, affected by the laser with a longer period, say 10 seconds or more, can cause damage.
In the UK, the UK Health Protection Agency itself has issued a warning against the rise of powerful laser pointers (more than 1 mW), which generally use green lasers which spreads in the Internet and capable of producing laser with power of several hundred mW. Because the device is extremely dangerous and not suitable to be sold freely.

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