Nuclear dangerous part.1

Chernobyl, Nuclear Radiation Mass Murderer
         Perhaps the most sad at Albert Einstein was the discovery of the atom, despite the fact the discovery was exactly what made his name etched in history. Like two sides of different coins, the atoms can give benefit to mankind, but can also be a terrible destroyer.History also records the destruction of two Japanese cities, Hiroshima and Nagasaki by weapons of mass destruction called the atomic bomb. In subsequent years, the development of these weapons cause more scary ghost, nuclear.        But make no mistake, nuclear is not only dangerous in times of war, is also frightening in peacetime. Rather than a source of energy, it also haunts the human radiation hazards from time to time. A consequence that must be ingested, the fruit of man's desire for more power than others.At least, dark record ever experienced Ukraine, when a fire, explosion, and leakage at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. Chernobyl tragedy, not just a bad affect on humans who live in the territory of Belarus, Russia and Ukraine alone, but throughout Europe.

Some Problems Century
        On 26 April 1986, the population of Kiev was shocked by a huge explosion. The explosion is spewing out pieces of the reactor core up to 1500 meters into the sky and cast a cloud of toxic to 70 percent of mainland europe. Total radioactivity of Chernobyl explosion, according to WHO, an estimated 200 times the radiation of Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bomb.         Environmental groups Greenpeace and even estimate, 160 thousand square kilometers of land contaminated with radioactive material. Meanwhile, former UN Secretary General Boutros Boutros-Ghali said, "The Chernobyl accident can not be regarded as a matter of a few centuries, but also present a problem because many social programs, economic, and environment must be defined again."         To be sure, the facts demonstrate five million people exposed to radiation around Chernobyl. About 650 thousand of them are the workers in charge of cleaning up puke Chernobyl explosion. And about 200 thousand from 650 such workers, are key high-risk group exposed to radiation. They are in the exclusion zone, or about 30 kilometers from the center of the Chernobyl explosion.         Ten years later recorded, 60 thousand workers, mostly cleaners 30s, died. While 30 percent of men who are still alive cleaning workers suffering from impotence. The problem, most of these workers declined in their social life. The reason, they suspect will transmit radiation from nuclear reactors to the people around him. This is what triggers them died from alcoholism, died in poverty, and suicide.        Physician-related disease specialist with the tragedy of Chernobyl-Natalya Preobrashenskaya say, other than radioactive vomit cleaning workers, millions of children who remain alive after the explosion of a high-risk groups exposed to radiation. Preobrashenskaya even states, millions of children who were born in the future will also be exposed to Chernobyl radiation contamination, according to the behavior of radioactive used as fuel for nuclear power plant, millions of years!

Diseases caused by radiation
        What are the diseases that arise after the tragedy of Chernobyl? Boutros Boutros Ghali said, more than 300 children diagnosed with thyroid cancer, female male fertility dropped dramatically, and mortality rises.More specifically, 60 percent of the children of Ukraine or a million more people suffering from thyroid cancer, the other ten percent who are still in elementary school suffered a mental defective, and the majority of Ukrainian children suffering from bone disease. Preobrashenskaya said immune Ukrainian children were also dropped dramatically, so-called AIDS-Chernobyl.       Research Preobrashenskaya matching with the WHO study. World Health Organization states that, after the Chernobyl thyroid cancer cases increased by children, 100 times compared to prakecelakaan Chernobyl. Another fact, many Kiev residents affected by lung cancer and heart disease. And many doctors estimate, in the future, epidemics of infectious diseases will increase in the vicinity of the scene, and among those exposed to nuclear radiation.        Tragically, the normal chemical therapy is ineffective (susceptible-ed) in patients with cancer due to Chernobyl radiation. According to Dr. Andrei Butenko from the number one hospital in Kiev, confirmed malignant thyroid cancer that afflicts the children of Ukraine due to contamination of the isotope iodine-131, a radioactive isotope of iodine. Impact, with above normal chemical therapy, the patient membotak head and face were so swollen.      Roughly the same horror experienced by children in Greece. The children in the country at risk of cancer two to three times due to Chernobyl. In fact, children exposed to radioactive when Greece was still in his mother's womb at risk of leukemia 2.6 times higher than other children. This is due to a gene mutation called 11q23.

Gene Mutation
         Gene mutation is another of the cruel impact of Chernobyl radiation. 11q23 gene mutation is one obvious example that associated with leukemia in infants. "This finding is the first direct evidence, that radiation was causing mutations in the human child," commentator Sir Alec Jeffreys, a geneticist at the University of Leicester.         Sir Alec doing research on 79 families living in Mogilev, Belarus, affected by high radiation area, approximately 300 kilometers from Chernobyl. He examined the children in the family who were born between February to September 1994. As a comparison, he also studied 105 children who are not exposed to radiation from the UK.         As a result, the children proved to have mutations of genes Mogilev two times higher than children in the UK. Mutation is clearly revealed by their parents, and permanently coded in the genes of their children. That is, these mutations will also be lowered in subsequent generations.According to Sir Alec, a mutation in the family in Mogilev associated with levels of surface contamination by cesium 137, a radioactive isotope. Even a geneticist Yuri Dubrova Russian Academy of Sciences states, the group saw a particular genetic location called minisatellites which have mutation rates 1000-fold higher than other genes.       Meanwhile, Robert Baker of Texas Technology University studied two groups of rats, the group who lives a mile from the reactor, and who live 32 kilometers from the reactors. Studied are mitochondrial DNA (the female parent-derived cells) in young rats.      The result, although mice that live near the reactor apparently healthy and fertile, but they have mutation rates hundreds of times higher than normal. "This means that the polluted environment due to the Chernobyl explosion real impact of genes changes in living things around them," commentator Robert Baker.Sad tone sounded from the mouth of Texas Austin University researcher David Hillis. "We now know, the impact of mutation of nuclear accidents may be greater than expected," said Hillis.


      ust once I'd never thought of the tragedy that, until one morning, while studying at Swinburne University, a friend came up with pale faces. He comes from Belarus, one of Russia's state fraction. For several days he was not called in sick. I noticed, he was often ill emang. Her skin is white always looks pale, his body weak and always be careful in choosing food. He never received an offer snacks or food brought by friends. He always brings food from home is always in the form of organic food.
At first I thought he was eating organic food because the trend. But after a longer know, I know that his body emang can not accept food other than organic food. His stomach can hurt, he said.
And that morning, I just know with what is actually going on inside her body. With tears in his eyes he told me that dwells inside her mercury poisoning, since he was 10 years old. And the poison is derived from air pollution due to the Chernobyl explosion. In fact, when the explosion occurred, he lives 300 km from the center of the explosion. But still, even though hundreds of miles away, and time has passed more than 20 years, he still felt its effects.
From the story, my eyes are so open that even now, the effects of a supposedly powerful bomb explosion 400 times greater than the Hiroshima bomb explosion was still felt by many people. His friends in Belarus, a country most impacted by the explosion (60%), there is still much the same fate, or even more tragically, died of various diseases. Not to mention, he said, there are many peculiarities due to gene mutations, such as strawberries are fruiting segedhe melon, chicken with two heads and so forth. He does not know how the effects of mutations of genes for humans, because deliberately covered up by the government.
Hiii ... scary huh ... .. In fact, it is estimated that a new explosion effect will disappear after 300 years (how many generations again ???). And until then, how many people will be victims?