Widespread flooding in Depok

Due to heavy rain and water shipment from Bogor, Kali dikes in the Village Palsigunung Laya, Clove Hill Housing II, Jalan Tunas Bakti, Depok, West Java, back broken, on Monday, November 19, 2012. This time it collapsed dike extends to the water level reaches one meter.

Not only in Clove Hill Housing, Housing resident ambassador cottage which is about 200 meters from the embankment collapse were also feeling the effects. A resident, Aji, said the embankment was breached in the renovation stage around 20:00. Panic residents choose to evacuate and rescue their valuables to higher ground.

"There were no casualties. But residents fear most have fled. I do not know exactly how many homes were submerged. Clearly decades," he said.

Until this news was reported, Depok Flood Task Force team with the Army was still trying to evacuate residents on a number of the most severe flood conditions. The situation in the present tense and even then after this incident.

Previously, the embankment was breached on Tuesday morning, 13 November. As a result, dozens of homes in the path of Bhakti Tunas II Urban Pal Sigunung, flooded.

As a result of this incident, as many as 23 homes were damaged. Some of them on RT 10 RW 02 and RT 06 RW 16. Not only that, the rest of silt and sand also contaminate residential areas. Not a few items that were damaged by flooding sudden lunge.