Novi, published Hot Photos by Police

West Jakarta Metro Police, Commissioner Suntana, describes the sanctions that can be given to four members associated with nearly nude photos at Novi Amalia Sari State Police examined the case of hit-and-run some time ago. Sanctions range from a reprimand to a delay of promotion, even fired.

According Suntana, sanctions depending on the development of the police disciplinary hearing them. "From a reprimand, placement of specially good 21 days, 14 days of which delay the rank, school delays and even more severe penalties including content not likely to be members of the Police. It could have been developed in the trial," said Suntana, Friday, November 16, 2012.

Of the four members who participate undergo a disciplinary hearing, said Suntana, one police woman. In the cell phone police, Novi photo.

Sanctions, further Suntana, because members do not do the job properly. "Then let someone else take photos outside the Police took photos at the scene and police. Fact alone should not because the situation is chaotic, members may be negligent," said Suntana.

However, the police should take action against his men are breaking the rules. (ren)