Happen Now : Rockets Hit Israel Palestine Guard

Israel attacks hit the headquarters of the Palestinian national security forces and resulted in the building was on fire. What are the target of Israel had been attacked twice.

The first attack to the headquarters of the Palestinian army conducted Sunday, November 18, 2012, and a second attack was launched on Monday. Other buildings targeted by Israel is a sports center. The building was destroyed and wounded a woman.

After the assault to the sports center, it appears the woman was carried out of the ruins of the building. He was wounded in the head. Israel attacks also struck two houses. Two children and two adults who were on board were killed, while 42 others - including children - were injured.

Rescuers still searching rubble of their homes. Until now, Israeli planes had merudal 80 places that are considered as the location of Hamas militiamen defense forces. Israel eyeing 1350 place in Gaza.

Entering the sixth day of the Israeli offensive on Gaza, as many as 84 Palestinians who constitute half of them civilians, have been killed. Meanwhile, another 720 injured. Watch a devastating Israeli military offensive into Gaza