From Stella Duce : From Hobby Eat Durian, Earn Gold Asia-Pacific Young Researchers

Eating durian is Melody Grace Natalie hobby since childhood. However, large amounts of waste that cause odor raises concerns high school student (high school) Stella Duce I Yogyakarta them. It also finally made it to the gold medal in the Asia Pacific Conference of Young Scientists (APCYS) in Palangkaraya, last September.

After the turn the brain, Melody successfully process durian waste into briquettes (charcoal) is more economical to compete with the quality of briquettes (charcoal) wood. There is also a byproduct of ethanol that can be used to fuel the organic disinfectant. Briquette durian mixed with pyrolysis are considered environmentally friendly because it comes from organic waste.

Melody claimed since in junior high school was like biology. New Year 10 in high school, a teacher at his school offered him to try the world of research. "I thought to solve the problem so he asked me to wrestle the world of research as the basis of a researcher," he said via e-mail to VIVAlife.

Sweet girl who also won the Best Poster Design in Asia Pacific Conference of Young Scientist 2012 in Palangkaraya said he was not too claimed to always learn but much depends on their mood. He did not ever push yourself when you are bored or stressed. "If you're stressed me pause and do the things that has nothing to do with learning or research such as watching movies, playing music and chatting or hanging out. Refreshing brains deh point," said the girl was 17 years old.

According to Melody, do not make a serious researching socially isolated. He even gained a lot of friends and hang out. "Learning does not mean closing ourselves from society. Much too smart kids who are good at hanging out," he said.

Similarly, if the target is a champion in the race is not reached. Although sad and disappointed, Melody admitted to not want a protracted much less depressed. "I've done my best but there are better than we did. According to my victory in a race is a bonus of Tuhan.Yang more important is what we get for our process."

The role of parents, families, teachers, counselors have much meaning on its success. Parents provide prayer support, materials, and encouraged him when experiencing boredom. "Teachers provide knowledge and friends provide encouragement and support," he said.