Denver International Airport - the secret headquarters of the New World Order?


Large building complexes that have a whimsical paintings and sculptures mysterious in it. Even in one of the chambers contained an inscription containing Freemason symbol. Naturally, many suspect that this building is actually the headquarters of the secret New World Order. Welcome to the Denver International Airport.

Denver International Airport has an area of ​​142 square kilometers, it holds the record as the largest airport in the United States and the third largest airport in the world. There is a great mystery in this place. According to the conspiracy theorists, the airport is actually the headquarters of the secret New World Order.
Perhaps you who read it will laugh. But wait, have you heard the saying: there can be no smoke without a fire?
Yes, the conspiracy theorist has his own reasons, and I will give you some examples.
Denver International Airport (DIA) became fully operational in 1995. Before the airport is operated, there is one airport in Denver that meets international standards, the Stapleton airport. When fully operational DIA, Stapleton airport closed to prevent competition.
In fact, HE has a gate and a flight path less than Stapleton Airport. Management services and facilities at DIA even far below the standard Stapleton. The only advantage is HE than the Stapleton area of ​​land. Because of the breadth, many people are pointing that this is a waste.
But airport management said the vacant land that was needed for expansion of the facility in the future.
In addition, HE made a lot of wind in the area. This caused frequent flight delayed because of this problem. Amazingly, it even stands Stapleton airport in the region that does not have this problem.
Not only that, the strangeness of this airport can be traced back to when the construction process begins. If the general workers or contractors working on a building from the beginning of the construction process until the completion of the building, not so with this airport.
The workers or contractors hired to work on small parts of the construction. As part of that is finished, they will hire another contractor to do the other part. With this method, of course, no one ever knew the workers at the big picture this airport construction.
It's as if there is something to hide. No one can know for sure, but no one suspected.
At the time of construction going on, five large buildings has been completed. Then, one day, five-building is considered "one of the construction". So they buried the buildings and create a new building on it. In the construction process, they also move 84 million cubic meters of soil. This number is very large and unusual that many believe that an underground facility being built.
In addition to the construction of a mysterious, other suspicions arising from construction cost overruns of 1.7 billion dollars to 4.8 billion dollars. This difference is quite remarkable. If you have ever worked on a project, you'd understand if the swelling cost of it can lead to you being fired or jailed.
Many say that the construction of DIA is a bad management. Trunk line system is so bad that many people called him the "Industry Joke". However this did not prevent the government using it as the main airport.
Because of these peculiarities, many believe that the airport is actually a secret headquarters. This suspicion is confirmed by a former government geologist named Phil Schneider who said that under the DIA, there is a deep eight-story building. He also said that at the airport there are high levels of electromagnetic unusual for an airport.
But the question is, what is the secret headquarters hidden in that airport?
Many believe that the airport was actually contains an underground base owned by New World Order. Others say that the airport complex that is probably the secret headquarters of the U.S. military.
This suspicion became stronger when accidents occur quite strange to planes at the airport.
For example, in February 2007, 14 aircraft cracked glass with a fairly mysterious condition. Authorities said the investigation if the damage was caused by small objects flying. However, not everyone believes the official explanation.
In December 2008, a plane skidded on the flight line, and for some reason, the fire suddenly appeared out of the plane and the plane burned quickly. Fortunately there were no casualties other than 14 passengers were injured.
Accidents are then linked to the possibility of experiments carried out at the headquarters of the secret hidden in the airport. Of course, this theory could not be confirmed.
In addition to the widespread problem of the suspicious complex, the facilities at the airport is also quite questionable.
Just imagine, this airport has a fiber optic communications cable along the 5300 miles. This is equivalent to the distance between New York and Argentina. Then, the fuel injection system can deliver 1,000 gallons of jet fuel per minute through a 28 mile long pipeline. Then there are six fuel tanks each containing 2.73 million gallons of jet fuel. This capacity is too large for everyday traffic airport. Even in the whole world there is no airport that has a fuel storage capacity of this magnitude.
However, if there is a hidden secret headquarters at the airport, it is only natural that the giant facility with the capacity required.
The airport is also arguably too fancy for the size of an airport. Ornaments, sculptures and paintings more reminiscent of the Louvre museum than an airport in the state is more famous for its mountains.
To decorate the airport building, they import granite from around the world which are then used to make the floors in the main terminal, as if the visitor is concerned with the origin of granite.
The main terminal at the airport was named Jeppesen Terminal. The breadth is fabulous, 140,000 square meters. This measure is the greatest in the world. Another name for this terminal is the Great Hall, a name that reminds people with freemasonry.

Then, you might say that it's just a coincidence. However, it turns out it was not just a coincidence because in this terminal, there is a plaque containing a time capsule at the surface there is a well-known symbol of Freemasonry.

No wonder since the laying of the inscription was made by members of Freemasonry.
Then, in the symbol, we can find the words "New World Airport Commission".

New World Airport Commission?
Is there no other name that does not use the word "New World"?
Maybe the Masons really like to use that term. No one, however, these two words can provide substantial fuel to the conspiracy theorists.
Then, on the second floor Great Hall there are also other signs of unusual. One is the word "DIT DZIT GAII". This enigmatic sentence is a sentence of the original language Navajo tribe meaning "The Mountain that is white" or "white mountain".

Then, in another part of the floor, was written "Mt.Blanca".

Mt.Blanca is a mountain located in Colorado and is one of the four holy places of the Navajo. This is consistent with previous inscription was also no association with the Navajo.
However, there are other interpretations. In France, Mt.Blanca or Mont Blanc turned out to be the name of the highest mountain in the Alps. Name Mont Blanc means white mountain in French which means the same as DZIT GAII DIT.
Interestingly, at the foot of this mountain, more than a thousand years ago, our ancestors made and signed a Knight Templar Templar pact.
Knight Templar is often associated with Freemasonry.
In addition to the mysterious carvings in the Great Hall, more mysterious ornaments can also be found elsewhere in this airport complex.
At this airport page there is a horse statue. If I was an artist and was told to make a statue of a horse, then I believe that would make a statue of the valiant and beautiful horse so any who see it will feel happy. However, the artist making a horse statue at the airport is named Luis Jimenez decided to make a strange horse statue.

This statue has a face pretty scary. Not quite up there, Jimenez decided to add a red light in his eyes. Both red eyes is enough to make a child having nightmares in his sleep.
No wonder people call this horse "Blue Devil Horse" or "Bluecifer".
What motivated Jimenez made?
I do not know, we can not ask him anymore because when you're working on this horse sculpture, a piece of the sculpture fell and hit him. Jimenez killed by horse creations.
Then, from the inscription which I alluded to earlier, we know that this airport is built on the participation of the Masons. But oddly enough, the airport is also associated with Freemasonry enemy, namely the Nazis. Suspicions first arose when we look at this airport from the sky.

What immediately comes to your mind?
Yes, the Nazi emblem. Although not too similar, however, is quite unique structure makes the conspiracy theorists believe that this airport was built for a secret purpose.
In addition, the wall paintings inside the airport also seem to show the existence of a strange taste and also has a relationship with the Nazis.
One painting walls in places that illustrate the burning city. Then underneath painted an African woman with traditional clothing, American indian women and a blond woman with the Star of David symbol on his chest with a bible in his hand.
Each woman was lying dead in a coffin.

Then, on the other paintings, seen an alien or a grim reaper figure that using Nazi military outfit with a gas mask and holding a sword and machine gun in his hand. Toward the end of his sword stabbing a white dove (which usually symbolizes world peace).
Sentences are written on the paper was actually a writing Herchenberg Hama, a 14-year-old Jewish boy who was killed on December 18, 1943 in Auschwitz concentration camp. Once again, we see the airport's relationship with the Nazis.
Indeed, usually the artists love with things that are not normal, but who would ever think to paint things like this in an international airport. And most puzzling is, why airport authorities allow these paintings were made at their airport?
The paintings were made by artists named Leo Tanguma. In an interview Mr.Tanguma admitted that he provided detailed guidance on the picture to be painted. But strangely, the next interview, Mr.Tanguma deny his statement and said that the content of the painting is pure inspiration.
The purpose is depicted in the paintings? Many believe that the pictures actually depict mean New World Order for the world, the chaos and population reduction.
However, if we try to connect these airports ornaments with conspiracy theories, perhaps we would find it difficult to think of a collaboration between the Nazi Freemasonry. We know that the Nazis were the most hostile to Freemasonry.
So maybe there is no conspiracy and the more reasonable answer is the airport was built with funds and interference Freemasonry, but decorated by artists who have work and ideology are not uncommon. In other words, there is no secret headquarters.
However, if this airport was built to accommodate the headquarters of the secret New World Order, then I guess I need a thumbs-up because they had dared to build an underground base right under the nose of the millions of visitors the airport.