Raja Ampat is an archipelago in the western PAPUA, the beauty of this island is famous to the whole world with the beauty of the beach, the sea, the sea life, tropical climate and lush greenery is very beautiful.A total tourist seemed preoccupied and chatting leisurely meal while gazing out to sea past the predominantly blue, green, and white. The colors that appear due to the influence of a stretch of coral reefs in the shallow sea bottom or inside. They are enjoying lunch at Papua Diving Resort, the waters of West Irian Jaya.The sun and the heat thus making the air brilliantly make guests to dive and dive again. Regular sunlight penetrates cracks waves reach the kidney. Elegancy scenery and sea biota was made an indelible mark for travelers. For lovers of coastal tourism and underwater fanatic, Raja Ampat are even evaluated very best in the world for the quality of its coral reefs.Many international underwater photographers immortalize the charm of the sea Raja Ampat. Some even come back and can make special book about the beauty of coral reefs and marine biota of this area. Mid-2006, our team of specialists from the world's leading scientific adventure magazine, National Geographic, made coverage in Raja Ampat that will become major report in 2007.Raja Ampat is a breakdown of Sorong regency, since 2003. Populated districts 31,000 souls has 610 islands (only 35 islands are inhabited) with an area of ​​about 46,000 km2, but only 6,000 km2 form of land, 40,000 km2 of ocean again. Islands sea unspoiled and beautiful yet make direct tourists attracted. They seem to want to explore the rest of the waters of the "Bird's Head" Island of Papua.This region could be incaran hunters reef fish by casting poison bomb and cyanide. However, there are still many people who could protect the sea area to wealth can be saved. Coral reefs in the sea Raja Ampat evaluated equipped in the world. From the world's 537 types of coral, 75 persennya in these waters. Found about 1,104 types of fish, 669 types of molluscs (soft animals), and 537 types of coral animals. Unusual.World Bank to work with the board set the global environment Raja Ampat as one region in East Indonesia which received assistance Coral Reef Rehabilitation and Management Program (Coremap) II, since 2005. In Raja Ampat, this program covers 17 villages and involve the local population. Fishermen are also trained cultivated groupers and sea grass.Papua Diving, the only exotic resort that offers underwater tours in the area, came to the tourist-tourist diving enthusiasts who endure for days or even up to a full month shoot these depressions seabed. They seem to not want to go back to their respective states because he had obtained the "island paradise that is not second to none on this planet."Governors not easy to prepare a place for tourists. Maximillian J Ammer, owner of Dutch citizens of Papua Diving Resort is also pioneer mover sea tours of this area, must pretend to be dead to prepare various facilities to attract tourist from mancanegara. Since its start eight years ago, a lot of funds should be released. However, the results are also satisfactory. Each year the resort is visited at least 600 special tourist who spent an average of two weeks.Accommodation is very simple that only a walled and roofed-rate woven coconut leaves at least 75 euro or Rp 900,000 per night. If you want to dive must pay 30 euros or around Rp 360,000 once a dive at a particular location. Most tourists come from Europe. Only some of Indonesian tourists who stay and dive in there."Tourists dive almost every day because the dive location is very wide and varied. The beauty of coral reefs was varied so much choice and invite curiosity. There's holidaymakers who are 80 years strong still dive, "said Max Ammer which women beristrikan Manado.Three years ago, Papua Diving build a modern accommodation not far from the first location. It turns out, are constructed by relying on local building materials are almost always fully booked. But tariffs reach 225 euros or around Rp 2.7 million per night. In the new location, complete modern equipment, including international telephone and internet facilities.Tourists to the Raja Ampat Diving just want to Papua on the island and server Mansuar because facilities are international standard, as well as food. They landed at the Airport Domne Eduard Osok, Sorong, directly toward the location with quick ship capacity of around 10 people who tariff Rp 3.2 million each way. Should take about 3-4 hours to reach Mansuar.Like other islands, Mansuar appear still awake  because forests and sea water was clean up marine biota, not far from the surface can be clearly seen. Tourists enough to swim or snorkel air to see the beauty of the sea, while if you want to directly observe the beauty of marine biota in depth, they should dive.
Local people involved in the development and management of the resort, but 90 of the 100 employees are citizens of Papua. Residents also supply the fish, vegetables, fruit, and more. One of the loveliest package visit the village to see typical local plants and animals, including birds Paradise. Many tourists who become donors of the church and the education of children around the Man-flare.Max Ammer is committed to improving the economy and efficiency of local residents. They have trained several foreign languages ​​and use scuba gear. Traveller already feel secure in times of day and night while enjoying the scorching sun sinking or when swimming and diving in the ocean.In addition to the maritime and fisheries, Raja Ampat has a wealth of natural resources, among other petroleum and nickel. In addition there are naval base wreck former World War II, which is expected take a "treasure trove" of high value. However, if one organize, all that worried exploitation activities threaten the sustainability and the natural beauty of sea