Baby Born With Al-Quran

Renowned scholars from Nigeria on Monday (14/5) struggled in Mushin, Lagos Province, southwest Nigeria, to witness the ceremony of naming a baby. Babies are not usually so that the baby must go to the media, but the baby is born on May 7, 2012 was born to bring a small Koran in his hand from his mother's womb.Allahu akbar! After delivering a Kultum, a scholar of Nigeria, Ustadz Abdul Rahman Olanrewaju Ahmed, gave the baby a name with the name Abdul Wahab Iyanda Irawo Aderemi.In giving the name, Ustadz Abdul Rahman also advised the mother of the baby that the baby was not a prophet even though he was born of her womb while holding the Quran.He also added that it is the will of God, to send the baby into the world with an amazing way, that is born of her womb with the Quran.Other scholars who participated in the event include Sheikh Abdulraman Adangba Sulaiman, Chairman of the Community Nasrulifathi Alhaji Abdullahi Akinbode feat, and Dr. Ramoni Tijani Alifathiquareeb of the Islamic Community.Earlier on Sunday (13/5), the mother of the baby was declared themselves converted to Islam after seeing a baby born with a Quran from her womb. Now, the 32-year-old mother named Kikelomo Ilori is then passed into Sherifat.The same is done by the baby's grandmother who had embraced Christianity now become a Muslim and changed his name to the Islamic name. Outside the home the baby, bejibun cornucopia merchants selling various souvenirs of these infants, ranging from t-shirts, prayer beads, and photographs of the baby is born to bring the Quran.The birth of the baby is still mired in controversy, in which the secularists think something is impossible for a baby born with holding (carrying) the Quran from the mother's womb. But on the other hand, many argue that anything can happen if Allah wills. Wallahu'alam shawwab bish.