Lead Masks Case - The case of the mysterious deaths of two UFO hunters

In 1966, two men who are obsessed with the UFO went to a hill in Rio De Janeiro. Three days later, the two men's body was found lying lifeless in the cause of death is not known to this day.
This mysterious case earned the nickname The Mystery of the Lead Masks Case and is one of the most mysterious cases of death in the history of Brazil. Probably due to the fact that the two victims are men who are obsessed with UFOs and the so-called attempt to make contact with aliens.
The day was supposed to be an exceptional day for Manoel Pereira da Cruz and Jose Miguel Viana. They have been planning something secret and quite excited by what might be found.
So, on August 17, 1966, they left their city of residence, Campos dos Goytacazes. To the family, they said it would buy some electronic materials for the job. Both men are television technician.
When they took the sum of 2300 Real Brazil.
Manoel and Miguel then took a bus and arrived in Niteroi at 14:30. They stopped at a shop and bought a coat and a bottle of drinking water. Later, the waiter at the store said that Miguel looked very nervous and always looked at his watch.
Whatever is being planned for these two, they seemed very rushed.
Of the store, two men were immediately proceed to Morro do Vintem (Bukit Vintem), Rio De Janeiro.
They never imagined that it would be the end of their journey.
Three days later, on August 20, 1966, a 18-year-old youth named Jorge da Costa Alves were flying kites on the hill when he saw a strange sight.
In one part of the hill, Jorge saw two bodies lying on the surface of the hill covered with shrubs and tall grass. Both were wearing similar clothing. Each also wore a kind of protective coat. Surprisingly, the two men were lying neatly while wearing masks of tin.
Jorge closer and realized that the figure was already lifeless. With haste, he fell from the hill and called the police.
Not long after, the site was filled with reporters and police officers. And this is the beginning of a mystery that has puzzled.
What caused their death?
Police combed the location of the discovery of the bodies immediately and collect all objects that could be a clue. However, each clue is found even make it grow mysterious case.
For the record, is a mysterious case not only because of the condition of the bodies are full of puzzles. However, because the coroner who examined the bodies are not able to determine the cause of death.
In the outer parts of the body, there were no marks of violence or physical injury that might kill them. Diagnosis is also strengthened by the fact that the tall grass near the body is not damaged which indicates that the two victims had no struggle or fight in that place.
While on the inside of the body, the officers could not conclude anything because the organs of the victim's body has decayed due to the late autopsy process. This condition makes the toxin test could not be done. So we'll never know for sure whether there are toxic materials are taken by both.
In addition, another thing that adds to the mystery aspect of this case are the objects that are found on the corpse.
Both men were found in a state of tin masks covering their eyes.
According to the families of the victims, both of these masks are made by Manoel and Miguel in their workshop and is intended to protect themselves from radiation. But no one knows what is meant both the radiation.
In addition to the tin mask, there are several other items found around the bodies.
Among them was a notebook containing a diagram with a line that reads:

"Estar no local determinado 16:30. 18:30 ingerir cápsulas, após efeito proteger metais aguardar sinal Mascara"

If translated, this sentence reads:

"At 16:30 in the place agreed upon. 18:30 to swallow capsules, after waiting for a sign of the effect of protecting a metal mask."
Party investigators could not decipher the message meant.
Moreover, the record is confusing because it is made with some spelling and grammar is wrong.
Then also found empty bottles purchased from a store in Niteroi and a package containing two towels.
Of the existing guidelines, the police tried to create a narrative that might be able to uncover the cause of death of these two men.
Due to unusual circumstances, many people give smelling fictional speculation in this case. For example, there is a mention that both these men have found a Wormhole and intends to travel across time. They use tin masks and coats to protect their bodies from the effects of the journey.
Of course, this speculation leads to more anecdotal than fact.
On the other hand, police officers, journalists or writers who actively pursue the case also has some theories.
One theory put forward is that once the two men had committed mass suicide as has been done by certain sects. This assumption is supported by the fact that they've tried to make contact with aliens.
Such events have occurred in 1997. At that time, 39 members of Heaven's Gate cult committed mass suicide to welcome a credible UFO will come following the comet Hale-Bopp.
The perpetrators of mass suicide cult Heaven's GateThe members of this sect committed suicide by drinking cyanide and arsenic. But they do not use a tin mask, but only cover their faces with black cloth.
Records pertaining to taking capsules were found at Manoel and Miguel seem to support this assumption. However, this theory might not be enough because the witnesses said that two men do not like people who are suicidal.
When they come to the store to buy a coat and drinking water in Niteroi, both signed the invoice that requires them to return the bottle to get the discount. It does not look like people who are suicidal. In addition, both turned out to buy some electrical components are believed to be used for their work. If they are suicidal, they certainly will not bother to buy these items.
Another theory states that the two men may have been lured to come to that place by the third parties who want to rob them. Up there, were both killed by these people. This conclusion is drawn because of the discovery of the records that have errors in grammar and spelling. It may be that the record is dictated by the robbers to create the impression of suicide. Moreover, the amount of money they brought into the hill go missing.
But, again, if this is evil death, what causes it? Poison capsule? Why is not there the slightest sign of resistance?
The next most popular theory is, Manoel and Miguel tried to make contact with aliens and managed to do it. Although it sounds corny Ngada, this theory is the most popular among other theories.
Both men are known to be very obsessed with UFOs. They studied the stories of UFO sightings with extensive, even built a laboratory for this purpose. In addition, the hill Vintem touted as the location is often a UFO visit. The population of the hill has often seen strange aircraft hovering nearby.
Do Manoel and Miguel were awaiting the arrival of alien craft?
Does tin mask is used to protect them from radiation plane?
If so, what benefits the capsule? or two towels found?
And the main thing is, what caused their death? Did they find an alien aircraft then fired a mysterious light that instantly kill them?
We may never know. One thing is for sure. Perhaps this mystery will not really be expressed. 45 years have passed and the Brazilian police have never set a single suspect in the murder.
Perhaps the answer is far from our understanding. According to Jacques Vallee, who has written about this case in his book "Confrontations", many years after this case occurred, even the grass on the location of the discovery of the corpse refuses to grow (although some are quite reasonable argument says that the grass can not be grow because formalin is sprayed by the police).
Two bodies tin coat and masked, two towels, one bottle is empty, the records are confusing, the capsule is lost, obsession with aliens and the mysterious hill Vintem. This blend has created one of the most mysterious cases in the history of Brazil that will probably never be solved.