Mystery of Mount Ciremai

One more climber of Mount Ciremai be victimizing. Nurdiyanto, Jatibarang a junior high school students, were killed at the peak Ciremai Indramayu. He died after being hit by a storm at an altitude of 2400 above sea level. What kind of awesomeness Mount Ciremai? Mount Ciremai Mystery of Mount Ciremai THE teenager who climbed Mount Ciremai is an alumni of SMP Jatibarang, Indramayu. They climb the mountain in order reunion. Four of them were currently in school at SMK 1 Jatibarang and five other high school in Sliyeg, Indramayu. The nine climbers began climbing Mount Ciremai Tuesday (06/26/2007) afternoon. Wednesday (6/27/2007) morning, they reached the top of the mountain. Wednesday afternoon they were down from the peak. On descending from the summit, Nurdiyanto, vocational students a Jatibarang, a sudden onset of shortness of breath at the Post Cigorowong. Since there is a strong run, Nurdiyanto ditandu friends. Until the Postal Lawet Cave at 03.00 GMT on Thursday (6/28/2007), they stopped, because the storm hit. They camped waiting for the storm to subside. Once the storm subsided, they continued their journey. 07.00 am, they were shocked when I saw Nurdiyanto not breathing. Tragically, eight colleagues can not afford to bring home his remains. To achieve the township needs 10-hour post trip. They fell, while the bodies Nurdiyanto abandoned. At 17.00 pm, Friday (29/06/2007), 15 people from NGOs and KURPALA ROOTS Heading towards Lawet Cave. Joint search and rescue team found the body Nurdiyanto were stiff and in a state of supine. Mystical Mount Ciremai Mount Ciremai an altitude 3078 meters above sea level have many types of plants. Starting from the pine tree, the tree chrysanthemums, and and coffee trees. Too many types of wildlife roam. Of the many plant and bird species there are some animals that is believed to have mystical powers. Approaching the summit, many flying chicken base with a clean shiny coat. Mount Ciremai identical to Sunan Gunung Jati, one Walisongo, propagator of Islam in West Java. Around the year 1521-1530, Sunan Gunung Jati is believed to be imprisoned at the top Ciremai. At that time, the Portuguese press is so powerful clerics, fighters, and the little people. Toward the war, Sunan Gunung Jati climbed to the top Ciremai seclusion, solitude and bermunajad to God. Tapa places and meeting the trustees were named Batulingga and is believed by the public as a place ngalap Cirebon blessings and benefits that help people in trouble. Nyi Linggi and Leopard One mystery that has always been a community conversation around Mount Ciremai are mysteries and Nyi Linggi two panthers. According to Maman, one of the key Ciremai, after Sunan Gunung Jati not meditated in Batulingga, then come to a place Nyi Linggi replaces Sunan Gunung Jati. But the arrival of Nyi Linggi to Batulingga not alone, he was accompanied by two of his pet panther. Arrival Nyi Linggi to want to get the science kedigdayaan Batulingga. But unfortunately Nyi Linggi failed to obtain the desired knowledge. Nyi Linggi Batulingga died while two others are missing leopard somewhere. Reportedly the local community found the body Nyi Linggi. Strange things often happened around Batulingga, namely the figure of Nyi Linggi and two leopards often manifest themselves. Ancestor Ancestor bertapanya Aside from being a place of Sunan Gunung Jati, turned out to Mount Ciremai since thousands of years ago was inhabited by early humans. Brass and surrounding communities, especially those living in the foothills of Mount Ciremai feel proud. They believe that the origins of the people of West Java, coming from Mount Ciremai. Beliefs about this object is reinforced by the discovery of several rocks that are believed to Big Stone age. He's about 3,000 years BC. In 1972 discovered a large stone coffin-shaped. The discovery implies that at the foot of Mount Ciremai been inhabited by humans since thousands of years BC. Also believed that the ancestors gathered and often manifest themselves. The experts agree if the researchers Brass Mount Ciremai an age old human shelter. They worship ancestral spirits to ask for blessings soil fertility, prosperity, and welfare. Hit the Earth Avoid ghost Maman (Ciremai caretaker who drove to the top posmo Ciremai) always stopped and spoke Assalamualikum when entering the post. According to Maman, if you want to survive and not be disturbed by a rogue dedemit trampled earth three times and say hello. This means that the occupants of the post or dedemit authorities do not feel offended by the arrival of humans. ''Here (Ciremai) a lot of people become victims. Not only humans are dead, but also horses. They do not carry out the tasks assigned powerful Dutch colonizers, until his death,''Maman said. Mystery Black Starling has reached Pengalap When traveling or heading VI, means the ascent has reached half. And must be careful if it is entering or postal Pengalap VI. Pengalap means pick. In each climber will post Pengalap visited by two animals, which is still a mystery keberandaannya, namely Starling Black and Black Hornet. Maman who claims rose to a peak three times every month, until now claimed not to know why Starling Black is always accompanying climbers from Pengalap to the Chrysanthemum. And, also the Black Hornet that always come to disturb. Salting means salty. Especially for people Linggarjati means that anyone who wants to reach its peak quickly and safely at home are required to bring the salted fish. Sixteen Hours to the Top of Mount Ciremai sandwiched between two districts namely Brass Majalengka east and west. To reach the summit could Ciremai through three channels ie Linggarjati from the east, Pelutungan from the south, and Majalengka from the west. The most severe terrain and very strenuous and is also very dangerous path through the village from the east side Linggarjati, District Cilimus, Regency Brass. Mileage is about 8 miles, 90 per cent of a steep path. Mount Ciremai including one of the hardest mountain in the land of Java. The local community and also the climbers call it death pathway. To reach its peak it will take approximately 12 to 16 hour trip. Depending on the physical strength climber. Mount Ciremai is not too high, only 3078 meters above sea level. But start the climb starts from a height of about 750 masl, then the journey is long. Thus, the rest of the way to the summit Ciremai approximately 2350 meters of vertical lines, or about 8 miles through the lane. Need diketahuil, from all the mountains that exist in Java only Mount Ciremai who start ascent starts from an altitude of 750 masl. Path dakinya no flat roads, 90 percent brindle steep and slope angles between 70 to 80 degrees. Abstinence at Mount Ciremai According to the caretaker of the mountain, Mount Ciremai abstinence should not be complaining, holding knee, urinate and defecate carelessly. Each post is required to enter the greeting as a sign of seeking permission to enter and sign of modesty. According to Maman, each heading a number 12 heading dedemit inhabited. Greeting not only when it comes but also when to leave the mountain.