Japanese Spacecraft, Hayabusha, took home a special gift for the science world. Exploration success brings asteroid dust samples taken from the source directly.
Dust originating from the surface of asteroid Itokawa within 2 billion miles from Earth. Hayabusah which means eagle, traveling for 7 years to get to the asteroid.
Sampling was carried out directly by the spacecraft. Not an easy landing on Itokawa. For new on the second attempt the mission successfully completed.
Hayabusha come back to Earth on 13 June. He at least brought about 1,500 asteroids that dust grains are very important to the field of science and knowledge.
 The scientists dubbed the phenomenon as a tsunami Sun. Around August, the Sun experienced tremendous activity. A series of large explosions on the surface of the star closest to Earth.
Energy blasts across the sky along the 93 million miles. The explosion produces the aurora in the sky. This is a cycle that will end 11 years old, marked by ups and downs of the level of electromagnetic waves, bursts of fire, and light.
There is concern, the impact of the explosion can damage communications satellites orbiting the Earth. No doubt, the Sun is most active in the period. He seemed to wake from sleep.
The long-awaited news was present in September. An Earth-like planets are thought to exist in space. He is no longer just an illusion or a dream. Almost everything is identical, even in size as Earth. The planet is named Gliese 581g ..
The findings were revealed by astronomers from the University of California Santa Cruz. Steven Vogt, a member of the team, stated, there are conditions that support for the presence of water in there. Therefore Vogt believes humans could live and settle. But, some other astronomers cautioned that this finding is still too early
 Many years into the mystery of dark matter. In fact, the element that covers 80% of the material universe. His name was pinned because it is very difficult to be seen by the instruments space.
However, experts astro physicist made ​​a major breakthrough. They managed to identify signs of dark matter is. From there there is hope to reveal everything about him. One of the findings concerning the dark matter particles. Particles characterized antiparticles. He will destroy whatever is nearby.
The researchers suspect, the sign of the existence of dark matter particles gamma rays destroyer. Fermi space telescope ever detect gamma rays from the galactic center that are brighter than expected.
It is possible the incident originated from dark matter particles that are reacting antiparticles. Based on activity data of this radiation, dark matter consists of particles called WIMPs (weakly interacting massive particles). The particle has a mass nine times larger than protons.
Researchers also suspect the existence of such a cross section of an article that explains the link density. The finding was a major step in efforts to uncover the veil of the mystery of dark matter

In nature there is always a provision. The theory was believed for decades. For example, the electromagnetic force is often called the structure constant or alpha. Elements are always remains anywhere. However, observations in nearby galaxies show that the alpha can vary. The difference depends on the galaxy where it is located. This means, the speed of light or the strength of the electron has a variety of variables according to their respective locations.
The study was conducted in two places, namely through the Keck telescopes in Hawaii and large in Chile. Both observations of the sky surrounding the south and north. From there it is known, the alpha elements have a difference in space. In the northern sky, fixed structures turned out to be smaller with increasing distance. Meanwhile, the reverse is found in the southern sky

 No one expected the Deep Impact spacecraft capable visited two comets at once. After taking the extra distance to 4.6 million kilomete, Deep Impact finally reach the next target, comet Hartley 2.
Before that, precisely in 2005, Deep Impact has reached the Comet Tempel 1. He launched a research tool to the surface of the planet to study the composition of the comet.
However, the scientists found that the Deep Impact still have the energy reserves to explore again. Mission to produce findings that Hartley 2 comet-shaped nut is still very active. He menyenburkan cyanide gas booster derived from carbon dioxide.
 Because of the National Space Development Agency and the U.S. (NASA) plans to hold a scientific conference titled "Discussion about the findings Astrobiology Uncovering Life Outside Earth ', speculation was rampant.
Some observers and journalists suspected of science NASA researchers have been tracking alien residing in one of Saturn's moon Titan, which is capable of living on the environmental conditions full of poison gas.
In fact no seheboh it seems. Researchers claim only to find microbes on Earth that eat arsenic. The creature was then called GFAJ-1.
He can transform poison into its DNA. This behavior proves that living things can survive in any conditions from the previously envisioned.
Furthermore, these findings open up opportunities for the search for signs of extraterrestrial life. Doubts surfaced of other researchers related the truth creatures that can live from arsenic. The proof should be anticipated, as is the claim of life on the Martian meteorite ALH 84001.

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