Agreement Green Hilton Memorial Agreement is Fake Documents - Analysis

Approximately, For one year I am not post anything, the mystery, analysis or mysterious things which need to be clarified, you don't need to know why I do it, because there also a mystery which happen in my life, now I back with many analysis review about world mysterious phenomenon. Lately a document called the Green Hilton Memorial Agreement caused quite a stir in cyberspace. This mysterious document mentions that the United States has a debt of 57,000 tons of gold to Indonesia. Even mentioned that the document is what causes the CIA overthrew President Sukarno participate. But, we should not look too far. Because there is good reason to say that this document is in fact false documents. 
In Indonesia, this document may be new on the scene in 2013. But in America, the news has been circulating since 2008 through site. When he came to Indonesia, the story made ​​into a more bombastic. For example, the opening sentence in a news site load like this (I quote what it is): 
"This agreement is the most earth-shattering. This agreement led to the killing of United States President John Fitzgerald Kennedy (JFK) 22 November 1963 This is an agreement which then triggers the imposition of Bung Karno from the presidency by the CIA network that uses Suharto ambitions. And this is the covenant that until now remains the greatest mystery in the history of mankind. "

Regarding the contents of the agreement, I do not think I need to post entirely. If you want to know, you can read the full story on the site. 
For those who lack an understanding of the economic issues may be a little confused reading it. I can catch, gold for Sukarno was loaned by the United States to be used as a backup so that the Americans can print dollars. 
To sum up like this: 
1. Sukarno holds power over the gold-gold (which is called by 57,000 tons) is. 
2 Then Sukarno moved the gold to America. 
3 Instead, the Americans will give flowers worth 2.5 percent of the price of gold. 
4 Since the fall of Sukarno, the interest payments have not been disbursed till now and the gold disappeared from the radar. 
Maybe some of you will ask why gold was used to support the printing of money dollars. The explanation more or less like this: 
In 1963, the American financial system is still using the "Gold Standard". This means that for every dollar that is printed, then there must be gold backed. In other words, if it has as many as 57,000 additional tons of gold reserves, the Americans can print the dollar value of the gold. 
USA New Gold Standard stop system in 1971 and in 2013 this is no country that uses such a system. 
So we know why now. 
Maybe any of you who are curious about the real value of gold as much as 57,000 tons of it. For mere information, the value is clearly very large. I've made ​​a little calculation about it that you can see in the picture below.
Amounted to 57,000 tons of gold is equal to 61 685 trillion rupiah. A very large number. Maybe it is hard to imagine. For comparison, in September 2013, the number of Indonesian foreign debt was 2,983 trillion. So true as rumored so far. Sukarno treasure revolution will be able to pay off the entire debt of Indonesia and even still has advantages for the prosperity of the people. That is, if the gold is there. 
But okay, enough with the economic calculations. As I said in the opening paragraph, there is no reason to refer the document as a fake document so I do not think I need to talk more about that big treasure. 
If you want to drill down even further, I am sure will find more evidence of this fake document. But I stopped when it was getting a few that I find quite fatal. Well, this is the evidence I mean. 
United States Presidential Seals 
One of the points of this document are suspicious of the presidential seal of the United States.
Stamp of the American presidency is on the left. Written on the stamp United States of America (upper part) and the President (lower part). The problem is this kind of design is never used at all. 
Indeed, the president of the United States stamp designs amended several times. But there never was that resembles a seal on the document the Green Hilton Memorial Agreement. 
Here is the stamp of the United States presidency.
In the original stamp, eagle bird behind clouds there are 13 that are not visible on the stamp documents Green Hilton Memorial Agreement. 
Such stamp design effective since 1960 executive order 10860 In 1963, Kennedy should also use the same seals. 
And what about the presidential seal of the Republic of Indonesia? 
President Sukarno stamp on the document similar to the presidential stamp, designed in 1950 so I do not think so problematic.

Indeed, there is a possibility that I am wrong in this case. Stamp could be used in different international agreements with the official version (Signet American president has several versions depending on the intended use). But I think the chances would be very small. The use of the words "United States of America" itself did not exist in any version of the stamp. That there is only "United States". 
So, we are the first evidence of the stamp issue of the American presidency is not appropriate. 
Again, maybe I'm wrong, maybe not. Therefore, to strengthen my suspicion about the fake documents, I will provide additional evidence. 
Cropping Used In Document? 
If we look at the screenshots either one of the documents, we can see the Garuda bird logo on top of the document seems to be the result of a cropping.
See the former as a box on the Garuda bird. Is it the former cropping? If so, then it looks like it was taped over the logo photoshop. 
In addition, the Garuda bird logo is different from an official stamp presidency RI. We never see any official logo with wings Garuda cutting circle. 
This design is similar to the Garuda bird display at the Indonesian embassy in Washington.
But, it was the display. Certainly different from the official stamp to the document. Is it possible the document forger has copied the design of these displays as assume it as an official version of the presidency RI? 
Well, for this one, I did not say that I'm right. It could be a paper document does have a form of "box" such as cropping. And I also could be wrong in terms of the use of the official logo of the presidency to the treaty. 
To that end, I will give you another proof. 
Sukarno's Signature 

From the documents Green Hilton Memorial, there are indications that the different signatures of President Sukarno with the original signature. Let us compare the signature on the document Sukarno with original signatures that we have. 
This is the original signature Sukarno taken from pieces of Presidential Decree 129 of 1961 on the simplification of the political parties.
While this is a signature on a document Sukarno Green Hilton.
A little about the signature. Because the signature is the result of the handwriting, it is almost certain that there will not be the exact same signature, even though the sign is the same person. Sometimes, different moods can produce different signatures. 

But, there is one that is always the same. 
I mean the way he drew the line (stroke). 
The signature itself is a product of habit that has lasted for decades. When a person is wrapped on top of a document, it does not think. He just scratched his pen. Everything is automatic, just like when you tie shoelaces. Because of that, the way he draws the line must be the same on each signature. 
So, if you want to check the authenticity of a person's signature, check the pull of the line. If different, then it is certain that the signature had been forged, although it looks very similar.
In the case of the Green Hilton Memorial Agreement documents, the apparent direction of the pull of the second line signature is different. 
I made ​​a groove pull line to the original signature and the signature on the document Green Hilton. you can see both are very much different. Seen on the letter "S", "K" and "R". 

It is a pull line groove on the original signature.
And this is the groove pull line on the document Green Hilton Memorial

Can you see the difference? 
In addition to the differences in the three letters, one of the most fatal mistake was the lack of a dot and a line on the signature of the Green Hilton Memorial. You can check all the signatures Sukarno. Dots and lines at the end of the signature is always there. 
In another document, dots and lines appear. But, pull line in the letter "S" is different from the other.
I would not be surprised by this. They are mimicking the signatures must only be similar signatures regardless of the pull grooves. 
In addition to traction problems. There is one more interesting. If you are careful, you certainly can find a difference other than the original signatures and not. 
Consider again the original signature image and signature on the Green Hilton Memorial. Can you see the difference? 
The difference is in the name of the signer. In the original written signature "Sukarno". In the false signature is written as "Soekarno". A small mistake is forgotten by the forger. 
Problem spelling, there is the story. 
In the book Bung Karno people mouthpiece Cindy Adams works published in 1965, noted that President Sukarno himself who asked that his name is written with a "Soekarno" and not a "Soekarno". This is because in 1947, Indonesia has been officially using Spelling Soewandy which one character is replace the "OE" with a "U". So Sukarno wanted to be consistent with the change. 
The signature forger might see his signature and read "Sukarno" so he took gave the name to the document. 
Still less strong is the evidence? 
If so, I gave evidence last. 
The presence of President Sukarno and Kennedy 
A state official documents should not be mistaken in granting date. In a letter villages, may still be. But certainly not to the caliber of the Green Hilton Memorial Agreement this. 

In the case of the Green Hilton Memorial, stated that the document was signed on November 14, 1963 in Geneva, Switzerland. 

We can check its validity by way of tracking the whereabouts of the signer. In this case of President Sukarno and Kennedy. 

Then where Sukarno on that date? 

It is difficult to track the whereabouts of Sukarno. Because we are not quite adequate documentation. However, there are strong indications that Sukarno was not in Switzerland. 
1960s is quite complicated year for Indonesia. In 1962, Indonesia is believed to host the 4th Asian Games. Because Indonesia to establish good relations with China and Palestine, Indonesia Taiwan and Israel refused participation. This led to the International Olympic Committee put sanctions on Indonesia. 
Sukarno became angry. Then he decided to create a sort of Olympic event counter called Ganefo (Games of the New Emerging Forces). Carrying the spirit which is also carried by the non-aligned movement, Sukarno stressed Ganefo strength as a symbol of rebellion against the superpowers. 
Well, first Ganefo held on 10 to 22 November 1963 The event was opened by President Sukarno. So on November 10, Sukarno was still in Jakarta. There is no record of its existence on November 14. 
But the question is: "Is the organization of the event is regarded as a symbol of the power of developing countries that Sukarno wanted to go to Switzerland? 
I think not. 
So, I suspect that Sukarno was in Switzerland on it. I could not find a record of his travels to Switzerland on that date. 
Maybe you are still not satisfied with this answer. Wait a minute. There is still a Kennedy. 
Actually this document forger less scrupulous. They should know that the American president's movements carefully recorded and documented very well. Even 50 years after that, we can still trace it. 
In this case they have chosen the wrong date. And this is fatal. 
On November 14, 1963, Kennedy apparently was in Washington, United States, and is not in Switzerland. At that time he gave a press conference and answered questions on various reporters. You can see it at the JFK Library's website or you can also view the record in the youtube link below.

Still not satisfied? 
Well, I continue. 
On November 15, 1963, Kennedy was not in Switzerland because he was attending a conference in New York AFL CIO. AFL CIO is one of the trade union organization in America. 
But wait. Maybe any of you who are not satisfied and asked, "Bro, what Kennedy before he was a press conference on November 14?" 
Good question. On November 13, Kennedy was still in Washington, attended event with the Black Watch Regiment of the Royal Highlanders. You can see her YouTube footage here.
How? is not this prove that on 13,14 and 15 November 1963 Kennedy was not in Switzerland? So how can he sign a document the Green Hilton Memorial? 
Indications fake stamp of the American presidency, the possibility of cropping on the document, the signature is also indicated falsified Sukarno and President Kennedy were clearly not be in Switzerland on the date the document was signed. Is this evidence is less strong?